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Vivian | Portraits just for fun | Chesterton, IN

I had such a good time with Vivian!!! We saw field mice, we sat in the snow, and we laughed ALOT! The location for this shoot was picked somewhat randomly, but I loooooove shooting in fields in general. Also the light we had for this shoot was just amazing. NOTE TO THE BOYS: A photo…


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  • Milisa Lin Smith - What an awesome shoot! I love that area. The close up of her with her green turtleneck on is gorgeous!

  • Jermaine Tonkes - Hey! these pictures are so beautifull and natural… I’m a graphic designer interested into photography alot. this summer I happened to have the honour to borrow a Nikon D70 from work so I’m going to have a little photo shoot with my sister in the fields. apart from using Auto mode or Tv, what kind of manual settings would you advice for field photography on a sunny day? I think 1/1000 f/3.4 would fine, would it?

    any tips are welcome!

    greetings from Holland,

  • Emily Karas - LOVE LOVE LOVE the texturizing in the first photo!

Rachel’s Senior photos

Tonight we shot Rachel’s Senior photos downtown and at the beach. It was a fun shoot, a bit cold and windy which is so strange for this time of year. But we got alot of GREAT shots! Just look at this beautiful girl!Like I was saying, it was pretty windyLOOOOOOOOOVE this shot:

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  • jamie and michelle - i love them!!! they are sooooooo great!! i always love the crystal clear quality of your images! it must be a canon thing, cuz i can't get that with my D3, and i have what i think are pretty decent lenses. hmmm…..

    but yah – love all these poses and locations and she is a cutie!


  • LADY AND THE LENS PHOTOGRAPHY - My favorite is the lifeguard photo, its very dramatic!

  • Emily Karas - I really love the lighting you guys used when you are doing night-time sessions. That is the technique I really hope to achieve this next year.