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Sarah & Mike are Married!

Just what can I say about this wedding, other than AWESOME!We started at the Conrad Hotel in Chicago.They had a first meeting before the wedding at the cancer survivors garden in Chicago. I loooooooove this garden! We stopped at the riverwalk shortly but it started sprinkling…So we went to union station which I also LOVE…

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  • Anonymous - These photos are awesome. I was so busy with the bride and my flower girls, I missed so many of the wonderful touches that you have captured in these photos. "Oh What A Night!"

    Stacey C

  • Anonymous - Sniflfele Sarah you look beautiful, wow what great shots, I had a great time, and this reminds me of the uniqueness of your wedding!! love you both and again send big kisses and congratulations, now PAY it forward would ya? ! ::0)

  • Emily Karas - That cracks me up that the groom took a picture of his bride walking down the aisle! : )